Selected students can now access free academic preparation, pre-departure and employability skills training, supporting your entry to UOW.

How it works

The University of Wollongong (UOW) and UOW College Australia (UOWC) have partnered with Successful Graduate to deliver a collection of carefully tailored courses specific to international students. These free courses are designed to help you prepare for student life in Australia and the employment opportunities that await. Simply use the registration links provided by UOW or UOWC to register for your selected course on this site.

Guiding you to develop capabilities that contribute to your employability.

We want UOW students to develop their employability through experiential learning and reflection, articulation of their value proposition, and transfer of their capabilities to new contexts.

Online training that works

Individual training accounts provide self-paced university preparation skills development.

Pre-departure preparation

Are you getting ready to travel overseas to study? Are you unsure of how to prepare?

Employability skills

We will teach you how to identify your personality type, core values and soft skills, enabling you to properly market yourself to an employer.

Academic readiness

Learn how the Australian education experience is designed to protect you and ensure the quality of your education.

National Microcredentials Framework

  • Our courses meet the standards defined in the National Microcredentials Framework.
  • Each course is designed to take you between 5 and 25 hours to complete.
  • Learning outcomes are listed on each course registration page, helping you to understand the content of each microcredential.
  • Quiz assessments for each module lead to the attainment of defined learning outcomes for each course.
  • Meet the standards of the Australian Curriculum: General Capabilities, National Microcredentials Framework and Australian Core Skills Framework.
  • Layered achievement levels that recognise scaffolded learning.
  • Recognised by employers as employability microcredentials.
  • Developed and delivered in an educationally sound manner for learners.
  • Academic integrity applied to course design and delivery.

Supporting future UOW students with preparation courses.

What is employability?

It’s not just about employment, its about the ability to perform effectively, contribute to society, and communicate your value proposition to others. Learn how to find part-time or casual work in Australia to enhance your employability.

Why should I understand the Australian academic system?

Become fully prepared for the academic requirements of the Australian education system, which may be very different to what you are used to.

What does pre-departure training offer?

This course has been designed by some of Australia’s leading international education professionals, to support international students with preparation for their student life in Australia.

From pre-departure checklists to helping students with their integration into the Australian culture, this course will bring peace of mind to parents and students alike.