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The Pre-Departure Course for International Students

Are you getting ready to travel overseas to study? Are you unsure of how to prepare?

This course has been designed by some of Australia’s leading international education professionals, to support international students with preparation for their student life in Australia.

From pre-departure checklists to helping students with their integration into the Australian culture, this course will bring peace of mind to parents and students alike.

The Academic Readiness Course for International Students

This course is suitable for all students who wish to be fully prepared for the academic requirements of the Australian education system. Students will learn how the Australian education experience is designed to protect them and ensure the quality of their education.

Modules include:

  • Introduction to the Australian Education System
  • Academic Standards
  • Methods of Teaching and Learning
  • Mindset Preparation

The 5 Steps to Self-Leadership Mastery Course

By completing this course, you will be better prepared to develop your leadership skills and potential – at university, in the workplace and in your personal life.

The Regional NSW Career Preparation Course

From 1 July 2023, international higher education graduates with eligible qualifications can be granted an extra two years of post-study work rights. Did you know that regional locations in Australia are suffering from skills shortages right now, and could offer you a great way to start your career? This course provides specific advice about how you could study and then find graduate work in the Healthcare and Education industries in regional NSW.